Since I began going solo I have had the privilege of helping clients, friends and family design their homes. Take a look at some of the projects below.  



Liz's Family Bathroom

Small 1 room renovation project 

Liz's Family Bathroom

My client, Liz, wanted me to produce a design pack for her as she is in the process of renovating her family bathroom. As the bathroom was quite small, she needed to use the space carefully and wasn't quite sure how to fit what she wanted in the room. 

Her requirements were a roll top bath, his and hers sink and storage space as a replacement of taking the boiler / cupboard out.

Her budget was £1,500. 

Before and after shots pending.


"Great ideas for what was a very dated bathroom. 

Lali saw it through fresh young eyes and will enable us to reinvent our tired old room!

Will definitely be using this up and coming designer for any future projects."

Open Plan Kitchen / Dining Area 

Large open plan kitchen and dining area with bifold doors to garden



Open Plan Kitchen / Dining Area

My client, Holly, wanted me to produce a design pack for her that consisted of floor plans and moodboards to help her design her kitchen and dining area. Holly had a great eye for interior design but needed that bit of clarity from me to confirm what she wanted would not only fit, but look spacious too. Her style was contemporary and she loved the "outdoorsy" feel. 

Although she structurally wasn't having anything moved, she wanted the kitchen repainted. Her requirements were a dining table for family dinners, a breakfast bar and lots of plants. She also wanted privacy as the garden is slightly overlooked however she did not want to shut the light out.

Holly's budget was £2,500.

Before and after shots pending.

"Lali really helped me figure out how to set out our big open kitchen and dining room area. Lali showed us a few different ways the layout could be and a few different styles which was really helpful as we got to choose our favourite. We loved that we had the choice to see her in person for a design visit or on video call as we are a little bit nervous letting people into our homes at present due to the pandemic. It felt like Lali really listened to what we wanted from start to finish." 

Di's Living Room

Ground floor living room design 



Di's Living Room

My client, Di, wanted me to produce a small yet simple design pack for her that consisted of floor plans and moodboards to help her design her awkward shaped living room. She chose the plan and moodboard to the right out of the 3 options I gave her, and I must say it looks fantastic. The colours and style she opted for are really bright and modern yet simple. 

Di's requirements were soft colours, a bold light pendant and some storage space for books and other pieces she didn't want on show.

Di's budget was £3000 as she wanted furniture that was going to be a high standard and long-lasting.

Before and after shots pending.


"I came across Lali Bunting Designs through a friend and I have been delighted with her services from start to finish. She was attentive, dealt with my queries quickly and best of all created a design pack for me that I absolutely LOVED. Thank you Lali, I will be coming back for help with the rest of my house when I have the time and money!"

Gabby's Derby Home

Living room, dining room and master bedroom design for Gabby who has moved into her new house in Derby. 



Gabby's Derby Home

My client, Gabby, moved into her new terrace house in Derby and wanted some help with the interior. She came to me with some really good ideas and it was clear she knew what type of style she wanted but asked for my help so she could visualise her home before she spent any money on it. 

Gabby loved gold and black colours together and it was clear from what she sent me that she loved art-deco but also industrial design. She told me all the rooms would be painted white and there were already window treatments up in the rooms so they were covered. 

Gabby did not give me a budget due to the fact that she just wanted a bit of an idea first. She could then consider how much she wanted to spend from the items I showed her and shop competitively. 

Before and after shots pending.

Dining Room

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Graham's Home Office

Un-used spare room turned into a home office/spare bedroom.



Graham's Home Office

Graham wanted help due to the fact that he had an un-used spare room that he really needed to use as a home office but hadn't had the time to work with it until now. To take the stress off his hands I created a design pack for him that gave him options on how he could have his room set out and what colours/styles to use that would be of most benefit. 

There was no budget in place and Graham was open to options as long as the price wasn't crazy, which is understandable. 

Graham informed me he wanted his spare room to still be a spare room but also a home office as well and expressed interest in fold-away furniture. He told me that the rest of the house was fairly neutral with browns, creams, white and black throughout the house so wanted to stick to these colours for the spare room as well, however, he was open to my opinion. 

As you can see, there are two floor plans to the right - the top one with the furniture out, and the bottom one with the furniture folded away. Doing this showed Graham exactly what room he had both ways. 

Before and after shots pending.

No.29 - Project Me

My home that was newly renovated.



Project Me

As you may know, moving into a new house is really exciting but also can be really expensive and if you are anything like me, you want everything new and you want it ASAP. This isn't always possible, especially for those who don't have high budgets like myself. It can actually be really rewarding doing it bit by bit so when you see the finished product, it makes it all worth the while. 

However, I want to show you that you can make do with items that you already have, you can save money by keeping bits of furniture you have and painting that set of drawers or upholstering that old chair sitting in the corner of your room collecting dust. 

When my partner and I got our new house, I kept probably 40% of my old items and managed to incorporate these into the design with my new items and, as much as I want to buy more pieces, I am really happy with the outcome so far and cannot wait to continue getting new bits gradually as the months go on. 

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